I’m Farid Zakaria and I am a Software Engineer graduate from the University of Waterloo. University of Waterloo is unique in that they provide a co-op/intern experience in 4 month intervals all year round (6 internships in total ~ 2 years); which had given me some interesting early insight into the software industry even before graduating!

Since then I’ve gone to work for AMD developing multimedia drivers for Windows 8 and now on to Amazon to do who knows what!

This is a blog I mainly started to keep track of things I’m doing for myself during my internships and post graduate projects. It has grown a bit more to encompass broad things related to my life as well. I like to read/learn/write about software, however if you read this blog at all you’ll notice that is not always the focal point.

If you would like to contact me, please send me an an e-mail . I appreciate any feedback. I’m aware of the bountiful spelling mistakes on my blog though.

You can check out my resume.