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Reverse Engineering

I lately had a special event where a photographer took some photos of the occasion and used PhotoReflect to host/sell me them.

The price per photo is 29$ or the whole set (90) 699$. I consider that an egregious amount to charge, considering that her services were supposedly already included with the event.

The following are some instructions you can follow for downloading the non-water marked medium quality images. This assumes that you are running on a Mac however the commands can easily be modified for any setup.

The real magic here is in the s=-3 portion of the request, which I’ve found returns the image without the water-mark.

I still haven’t figured out how to download the HighQuality images, but if you find out please share!

EDIT: I have also found a helpful Gist that can help inject a download button onto the store.

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  1. Want to try it, but Im not sure whats the name of the http tool.
    Whit “brew install http” I got an error: No available formula with the name “http”

  2. Hi Fzakaria,

    I am having trouble to get the image without the watermark. The picture is no longer available on the order page as shown here:

    but i was able to hit the email button and get the image to appear larger here:

    Then in the source code I was able to search dll and find the image here:

    This allows me to save the image but I am still having trouble removing the watermark. Is there anything you can do to help? I would really appreciate it.

      1. I’ve been trying to understand the script they use for the watermark but I am not very good. Anyway, thank you for trying. I will keep searching.

      2. Hi fazakaria,

        I was able to find the picture by messing around with the web address and got a picture to come up with the s=1. It was very small. Then I have been messing with it and got it bigger by changing it to s=300 and s=400. When I do this is also shifts around the watermark which makes me think that is is possible to get the image without the watermark. Can you take a look and let me know what you think? Here is the address:

        Thank you!

  3. I’ve been trying to understand the script they use for the watermark but I am not very good. Anyway, thank you for trying. I will keep searching.

    1. Hi Humberto,

      I can’t seem to get it to work. I have all the information but the script is not working. Can you see if it works for you?
      Here is the album:
      This is the individual picture:

      If you can get it I couldn’t thank you enough. I want to give it to my girlfriend for our anniversary. I tried contacting the photographer over and over for the last 4 months and he wont get back to me.
      Thank you and hope to hear from you soon.

  4. Tried several times with those scripts, tried to modify it with different ways, the result is – i CANT get photos without watermark 🙁

  5. I am happy to know it is difficult to remove the watermark, having 9 separate photoreflect accounts that we do our online sales through. We work hard and go to a great expense to provide online sales only to have them stolen.

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