HypeMachine Chrome Extension – Still going

Short and Sweet

This will be a short and sweet post. It’s been a while since I’ve used my HypeMachine Chrome Extension and just as long since I’ve used HypeMachine (my music taste has shifted). However I’m always surprises me the community of people using the extension.

I’ve recently merged in some new code that allows the user to download multiple songs at once which was graciously written by Scott Clayton. The code is now in master, so feel free to re-install the extension and give the new functionality a whirl!

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  1. Oh my god. You are the best. Ive been meticulously waiting many years for you to fix the naming bug and to provide a download all option. Thank you, trust me, you have a lot of people who love this project and what youre doing 🙂

    1. I spoke too soon :(, the song names are messed up and the check box things arent working. However, the previous version of the extension still provides the correct song names, so thats still good.

  2. Hey buddy, First let me thank you for creating this extension!!

    I had a question, I notice all the downloads are at 128 kbps. Is there any way to get 192 kbs or higher? or is this bitrate determined by the original file itself? Looking for best quality 192-320.. Thank you

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