Update – Google Chrome HypeMachine Extension Alive and Well!

I’m still kicking

tl;dr; You can get the latest and greatest of the Chrome HypeMachine Download Extension on my Github Account.

I hope everyone hasn’t written me off as dead since the somewhat shutdown of MetaHypem. I’ve been trying to think of a new project and devoting to more time to my professional life (i.e. working at Amazon). I have however not forgotten about all of you and your insatiable desire for music.

I recently received a Pull-Request that detailed some changes I’ve been planning to make for quite a while! (props to landr0id). The changes outlined:

  1. changing to HypeMachine’s new private API (which I’ve detailed earlier)
  2. adding the new sexy HTML5 download attribute
  3. Downloaded songs are now named according to artist and title
  4. general performance improvements

What does this mean for you?

The extension is still alive and well. You can even now Left Click on the download arrow to kickoff the download. Goodbye confusing Save As… instructions!

22 Replies to “Update – Google Chrome HypeMachine Extension Alive and Well!”

    1. Thanks tyler!
      If you’re any good at graphic design or CSS let me know! I’m looking for contributors for that so that I can potentially re-launch it on Google Chrome Store. (I’ll need to remove HypeMachine all affiliation such as pics)

      1. the website has been runinng really slow lately. it will take like 2 minutes to start downloading the song. clicking the download button does nothing but if i do the right click save link it works that way just have to wait a couple minutes

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    1. I’ve actually been using HypeMachine a bit recently however it’s been largely di.fm, Soundcloud and buying individual songs from Beatport.
      I’ve started re-using HypeMachine now that I can search by tags though 🙂

  1. Thank you for this plug-in. It is making my life much easier.

    I do not much about coding and such, but is it possible to change the quality of the tracks downloaded from Hypem? The bit rate of the songs is 128kbps, which is pretty low.

    1. Here is some information I found:
      “Hype Machine caches copies of files available on blogs on their own server. It transcodes high bitrate files so sometimes the original files are available at a higher bitrate on the original blog (example: 128kbps via the download link but the original blog will have 256kbps versions)”

  2. I Just wanted to say thanks so much Farid for the Extension! I always wanted to put the music from HypeMachine on my Ipod for workouts and stuff and never thought I could!

    You don’t even know how long i waited for something this effective. And i thought grabpro was fast, this just simply trumps everything. I just went through 6 months in 20 mins.

    You the best!

  4. OMG! Why haven’t I found this sooner! Much love my man! The only thing I wish I can do is set up a different download location for this extension.

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  5. This is fantastic, thank you very much!

    Some updates that would make this essentially perfect and I am sure everyone would love.

    1. Correct tagging (when copying the downloaded files to itunes the title and artist is not separated eg it appears like this “BANKS – WAITING GAME (Prod. By SOHN)” all under the “Name” tab in itunes.

    2. Higher bitrate downloads if possible.

    Other than that, thank you so much!

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  7. This is a godsend! Renaming the downloads using the download attr doesn’t seem to be working though – I always get stuck with the server side filename…

  8. Wow, you are truly a god. Nice work on this extension. I don’t want to even go into the complicated manner in which I was downloading them manually…

    I make a lot of playlists and I have the process pretty well automated with simple python scripts, but the worst part was always downloading it.

    Thank you so much!

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