For those looking for a replacement

Older work, still valid

A lot of people have been sending me e-mails due to the current state of MetaHypem. If you’re looking to find alterative ways to download the music I can recommend the following.

  1. Just follow the blog link for each song. The blogs let you download the music.
  2. I’ve written previously a Chrome Extension that injects a download button into the web page.e web page.

    Don’t forget you need to right-click and select Save-As however…

  3. I wrote an example Python script outlining how to download songs that you can use or help build other tools with.

6 Replies to “For those looking for a replacement”

  1. Hello!
    Really love your work. I use the hypem python script to download the popular page every couple days.. Couple questions.

    Any chance you can add the ability to use the ?sortby=fav anchor so that user could scrape by tags?

    And possibly a way to define the download location?

    Sorry, I am sure there are easy additions. I just dont know much about python at all.

    If not no worries! Keep up the good work. I would like to help with MetaHypem if you need any testers or anything!

  2. last time i checked the Google extension didn’t work, but then again i didn’t know you updated it 😀 its working fine
    thanks for everything you do!

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