Small Update + More to Come!

Happy New Year!

I’ve finally gotten back into development for MetaHypem (alongside Alex) and most of it has been spurred/inspired by the amount of songs downloaded! It figuratively blew my mind to have 30,000 downloads…

I’ve just released a small update that includes some fixes and 1 specific feature that has been asked about! We have some cool stuff planned for the site so I hope you keep checking it and send me feedback! We are using the feedback to drive what to work on next!


  • 28/12/2012 – You can now search for a specific url (i.e. )
  • 27/12/2012 – Added an Expire time for each song record (currently 1 hour). This is incase HypeMachine updates the download URL.
  • 27/12/2012 – Generic Bug Fixing for cases where no songs are returned from HypeMachine

As always, please send me feedback and if anyone wants to contribute (especially in terms of design/HTML/CSS contact us!)

4 Replies to “Small Update + More to Come!”

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