Someone must be using the site!

Milestone Baby!

Update Since posting (~1 month) we generated 30 000 songs. Awesome!

I’ve only told few people (not that many read my blog) about Metahypem, largely because it is still a huge WIP and a learning experience. Nevertheless, the few that have been checked it out seem to be using it quite extensively.
I haven’t managed to grep the logs yet to see some interesting statistics, however we’ve recently passed the milestone of over 10 000 songs liberated.

That’s a pretty awesome number! That many times someone wanted to hear a particular song while not at their computer or over an internet connection and we aided them in that! I’ll follow up with some interesting tidbits from the request logs when I get a chance.
Thanks <3

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  1. the website has been running really slow lately. it will take like 2 minutes to start downloading the song. clicking the download button does nothing but if i do the right click save link it works that way just have to wait a couple minutes

    1. Hey Mitchell,

      The site should be running faster now.
      As per the issue you mentioned i tracked down the root cause and opened up an issue to myself.

      The fix shouldn’t be that hard and I will look into it ASAP.

      1. The question about, who is the true asnichrat seems worthless. Both want to eliminate the use of force, but have different systems to do so. We can all agree that either system is better than the current. I say we can ignore our difference of minutes and worry about true philosophical differences.

  2. Hey there,

    Yeah i’ve been having the same problem. Clicking download seems to have no response, until a few minutes later we get “The webpage at might be temporarily down or it may have moved permanently to a new web address.” – sad face.

    However, right clicking, & save-link-as-ing is working fine.

    Other than this, this page is easily one of my favourite things on the internet.

    1. Hey Amy!

      I’ve definitely found the source of the problem.
      HypeMachine is eventually loading the tracks on soundcloud and having their old links be ‘redirects’.
      I have to either expire the download URLs I have or follow the redirect.

      I will update it hopefully soon. Xmas time is busy though 🙂

      Glad you love it!

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