New Domain Name

More information to come

tl;dr; I’ve moved the download site to

Me and my friend Alex have been hard at work revising my original concept for hypemfinder.

Out with the old and in the new. I’ve purchased a new domain name, which will be the domain name for the application for now!

The site is redesigned in Node.JS and I will be providing some cool information regarding it in the near future. For now we have deployed the instance on a small server. Please don’t murder our traffic 🙂

8 Replies to “New Domain Name”

  1. Awesome job on the site, really amazing!

    Just wondering, on the previous set up I could search for my hypem userid, and it would show me my loved songs so I could download them. Is this still available? Or have you changed the search for artist names and song names, which is just as awesome by the way, I’m just curious. Great job on helping us out with this site

      1. hey! Just saw you’re message!

        Yes I’ve switched the user functionality to the accounts page.
        I felt its a bit more natural.

        Please keep in mind this is very experiemental right now so you might have to go through the sign up process again as I’m modifying the database.

        I’ve left the signup process pretty easy though in the mean time 🙂

    1. hey!
      Just fixed it. It should be back up.
      I think HypeMachine was down for a second.
      Turns out thats a bug causing the site to go down the soon is down.
      (I’m finally back on working on the site so I’m fixing that and more changes as we speak!)

      For now the site is still working! 🙂

      Hope you’re enjoying it.

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