[BETA] Download HypeMachine Songs Website

Seriously. Beta

For those in a rush and want a tl;dr; navigate to http://hypemfinder.fzakaria.com

Hey everyone! I decided to throw up what I had so far for the site. It’s working but a lot of functionality is missing however the most important part (downloading the songs) is extremely functional 🙂


  1. First navigate to http://hypemfinder.fzakaria.com
  2. Enter a valid hypem.com url (i.e. http://hypem.com/popular or http://hypem.com/track/1qb1t)
  3. Click Search
  4. It may take a few seconds (if searching a lot of songs), but the list of found songs will apear
  5. Click the download button and enjoy!

Help, Feedback, Donations and Criticism Appreciated

This was honestly a test toy project to learn Django so don’t expect too much however I’d love some user feedback on features, usability or even get a hold of me if you’d like to contribute!
There’s a few things left to still do to make it polished and I’d love some help with it.

To do list

  • Figure out URL scheme and remove the /hypemfinder/ app name at the end
  • Buy domain name (figure out domain name)
  • Figure out how to properly setup logging. Right now when I perform manage.py actions it creates a logfile that Apache cannot write to!
  • Add Contact/About/Tutorial page
  • Add detail page for songs
  • Add extended search functionality to make use of Hypem.com’s search bar!
  • Cleanup CSS and make prettier

15 Replies to “[BETA] Download HypeMachine Songs Website”

  1. Hey, thanks guy! This is awesome, I’m glad you provided a hosted version along with the source!

    Since this wasn’t listed explicitly on your todo list:

    Songs that are no longer playable (mp3 file is gone) still show up in the list of downloadable songs, clicking download results in the following error:
    “There’s been an error. It’s been reported to the site adminstrators via e-mail and should be fixed shortly. Thanks.”
    This is understandable, however, pressing the browsers back button causes you to go back to the app’s main screen, (http://hypemfinder.fzakaria.com/) loosing your previous list of results. It would be nice to not have to click ‘search’ again after this happens.


    1. Hey morgan!

      I appreciate the feedback and I’m aware of both of those issues.

      I’m trying to figure out a clean way to detect the songs not being there without just making a request myself to each one first -.-

      As for the back button, I don’t have much experience with HTML5 but I’m hoping to learn to implement history to fix this solution.

      I’m also adding the ability to search as if in HypeMachine (with text) and adding SoundCloud support soon!

      1. Awesome, Soundcloud support will definitely be a welcome addition!

        I also thought it might be nice and fairly trivial to add pagination support to hypemfinder. If you could somehow detect whether a link of results has more than one page, you can add pagination built in by simply adding a /{page#}/ to the end of results. This would eleminate the need of having to update the URL in the search box each page.

        For example, http://hypem.com/captainmo


        1. Hey Morgan,

          I’m not sure how trivial it will be to add pagination since when I get the songs from hypem I can’t tell if there is more.

          I’ve been working on integrating into the search and still let people do straight up URLs to a track they want.

          I’m also pretty blocked on the design. Know anyone decent in CSS?

          I’ll look more into the pagination.

          1. I’m not a huge designer, but I like the design just fine. Minimal is great for something like this, and I personally love Bootstrap- this is what it was made for!

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  2. Awesome, just stumbled across this! Good job with the boot-strap. A couple things, I was actually led here by your previous GitHub page where you could run the python script on your mac. I’m guessing that software no longer works? Maybe you should leave a note 🙂

    Also, with your new site is there anyway to mass download the page?

    Great work,

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