Eclipse + Perforce + BeyondCompare

Why don’t you work!

I’m pretty new to developing on the linux platform and I’ve been dived head first since starting my new job. My development environment contains the following:

  • RHEL5 (RedHat 5)
  • Eclispe (Indigo)
  • Perforce (p4v)
  • BeyondCompare 3

Everything works beautifully together (with accompanying plugins) except for one thing; File Diffs.

Although I can setup through my Perforce Eclipse plugin which external tool to use for merges, Eclipse doesn’t let me change the default file comparison tool (it uses the default one provided by Eclipse).

I’d like to be able to set this to BeyondCompare! There are some plugins that let you diff two files using any external comparison tool however they don’t integrate with P4!


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  1. As someone who just spent the summer at Amazon (interning) and also previously a linux novice, I can definitely relate to your frustrations! I bet you can find a smooth way to integrate BeyondCompare into your workflow.

    1. Great to hear from a past Amazonian. It’s definitely one of my major frustrations.
      I downloaded the linux trial of BC3 however its infuriating I cannot integrate it into eclipse for use with perforce.

      Seems like there might be a way to change the executable called or something but I don’t know about it.

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