Back & Forth

Let’s try another route

No sooner had I posted my fix for my Chrome HypeMachine Extension, it had seemed to be broken again. I guess an easy fix deserved was going to get an easy work-around.

Since my “fix” was simply just renaming the CSS element, it was also just as easy for them to also just change the javascript to match my names.

The ‘ext_load’ function mentioned earlier was also moved to within a larger function. I’m guessing to stop me from simply overloading the function…

This time I thought I would try something else and see where it takes me.

Will this work?

I just pushed a change to the Chrome Extension that will hopefully avoid the back & forth of changing CSS element names by randomizing them instead. Here is a little snippet of how I randomized the CSS element names. The reference for the code I used can be found here.

Your move.

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